American Civil War Aphrodite Argonauts
Armageddon Asgard Atlantis
Atlas Avalon Babylon
Bermuda Triangle Bronze Age Carboneria
Centaur Chastity Belt Chinese Dragon
Circe Cold War Conspiracy Theory
Copper Age Crusade Cupid
Cyclops Daedalus Devil's Message
Discovery of Americas Dragon European Dragon
Excalibur Fairy Fury
Gargoyle Giant Golden Fleece
Goliath Gryphon Guy Fawkes
Harpy Hekatonkheires Helmet of Invisibility
Hercules Historically Right Wheel Icarus
Ice Age Industrial Age King Arthur
Lady of the Lake Leprechaun Love Potion
Magic Potion Man on the Moon Mars
Medieval Felon Medusa Midas
Minotaur Narcissus Neptune
Nero Nessie Odysseus
Pegasus Persephone Philosopher Stone
Phoenix Pluto Pot of Gold
Project Habakkuk Prometheus Quetzalcoatl
Reformation River Styx Roman Empire
Romulus & Remus Rosetta Stone Siren
Spanish Inquisition Stone Age Terracotta Army
Thor Titan Tristan & Iseult
Uranus Woodstock Zeus

Realm ScoringEdit

40 Discovering History & Myth Elements
200 Discovering Aphrodite
100 Discovering Armageddom
250 Discovering Asgard
150 Discovering Atlantis
100 Discovering Bronze Age
200 Discovering Conspiracy Theory
250 Discovering Daedalus
500 Discovering Devil's Message
400 Discovering Discovery of Americas
400 Discovering Dragon
350 Discovering Fury
150 Discovering Gargoyle
800 Discovering Golden Fleece
100 Discovering Guy Fawkes
450 Discovering Hekatonkheires
350 Discovering Helmet of Invisibililty
200 Discovering Hercules
500 Discovering Historically Right Wheel
200 Discovering Industrial Age
400 Discovering Medieval Felon
300 Discovering Medusa
200 Discovering Odysseus
250 Discovering Persephone
250 Discovering Philosopher Stone
300 Discovering Pot of Gold
400 Discovering Project Habakkuk
150 Discovering River Styx
500 Discovering Roman Empire
300 Discovering Spanish Inquisition
250 Discovering Thor
150 Discovering Woodstock

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